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The Seven Tools of Healing presents The Stress Busters Summit where you will learn to release, heal, and transform the stress present in your life. Restore yourself to wellness!

We are presenting 12 in-depth conversations with healers about transforming your relationship with stress plus FREE BONUSES and special offers from our speakers. If stress is a problem in your life, this summit is for you! 
Here is What You Will Hear
Emmanuel Dagher

Getting Unstuck: 
Releasing The Blocks That Keep Us From Living Our Fullest Life 

Spiritual teacher, healer, and best selling author Emmanuel Dagher will be talking about what it means to heal. Then he leads you in a profound healing meditation to help you move past stress into an open receptive place for change.
Steven M. Hall, MD and Grace Porter, LMHC
Make Yourself Impervious 
To Stress:
Using the Seven Tools to Heal Stress
Father-Daughter duo, integrative physician and psychotherapist, co-founders of The Seven Tools, talk about their approach to creating lasting change in your life. They explore how you can use these tools for change to when faced with stressful situations. They show how to restore and maintain health no matter what life throws at you.
Pamela Oatis, MD from
Hand in Hand Parenting
Parenting in a Stressful World: Tools and New Hope for 
Parents and Children

Pediatrician and parenting instructor Pamela Oatis, MD talks about supporting yourself through the stresses of your parenting journey and how to instill resiliency in your kids.
Rebecca Altman
Fostering Connection: 
Using Herbs, Body Awareness and the Earth as your Allies in Times of Stress. 
Herbalist Rebecca Altman talks about honoring your own knowing and the healing power of connection-to the earth, to community, to yourself. She shares helpful herbs to support yourself during times of stress.
Robin Rothenberg
Restoring Vitality: 
A New Look at the Healing Power of Subtle Breath.  

Therapeutic yoga instructor and author Robin Rothenberg will be leading listeners through a couple of short yet powerful breathing exercises to give you the tools you need to do this on your own. This innovative approach might surprise you-it's not your grandma's deep breathing!

Jennifer Adler, CN
Building Resilience in 
Stressful Times: 
How to Empower and Heal 
Your Body with Food. 
Nutritionist, author, and TV personality Jennifer Adler shares her innovative philosophy, Passionate Nutrition, that empowers people to heal negative relationships with food and embrace eating habits that support your body and mind through stressful times.
Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW
Creating A Safe Harbor: 
What to Do When Stress 
Hits a Relationship

Licensed Psychotherapist Shirani Pathak looks at how to care for yourself, your partner, and your relationship during stressful times. She addresses how to know if your relationship is stressful or if you are bringing outside stress into your partnership.
Laura Simms
The Continuity of Connection: Story as a Path for Healing 
and Transformation

Storyteller Laura Simms weaves together stories and information to address the question of how storytelling releases stress and restores us to ourselves. She helps us see how story accesses unconscious material and reconnects us to find a life of greater balance.
Ellen Newhouse, LAc.
Finding Your Way 
Home to Yourself: 
Using Sound to Unlock Entrenched Negative Habits 
and Blocked Emotions 
Author, sound healer, and intuitive Ellen Newhouse explores what happens when we learn to listen to ourselves and make our life choices based on that knowing. We explore using sound for healing and she provides a sound healing for listeners.
Anita Boser, LMT, CHP, BCSI
The Mind-Body Connection: How Stress Becomes Part of 
Our Body Pattern and 
How to Release It
Structural Integration practitioner Anita Boser talks about how stress is stored in our bodies and demonstrates various simple Undulation exercises. Regular practice of these exercises helps to melt away stress-induced muscle pain and stiffness.
Robin Landsong
Trusting What You Know:
How to Increase Your Intuition 
to Guide You Through 
Times of Stress
Craniosacral Therapist Robin Landsong addresses how the body stores and releases stress. She shares how to listen to the messages you are already receiving from your body and points to a few easy things you can do today to support your body's healing capabilities.
Lucinda Herring, MSD
Reimagining Death:
Easing Stress and Finding Healing Ways to Say Good-bye

Licensed minister and green funeral director Lucinda Herring helps us reimagine what is possible in the three stages of death’s threshold – the time of dying, the moment of death, and caring for our own after death - in ways that care for ourselves and the earth as well. 
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