Change your Beliefs: Change your Life
Learn a Revolutionary Approach to Stress 
Taming the Bear:
Taking the Bite out of stress
Still Deciding if Taming the Bear is for you?
We totally understand.
There are so many classes and programs out there making all kinds of promises. 
How can you really know which one will work for you?
Who We Are And Why You Can Trust 
Us To Teach This Class:
Steven M. Hall, MD
Dr. Hall is a residency trained Family Practice Physician with over 35 years of experience helping people heal. Over the years he examined the question "what is it that allows or prevents healing?" The answer brought him to what he calls The Seven Tools of Healing. He has been teaching these ideas to his patients in his integrative medicine practice since the mid 1990's and he has been teaching Taming the Bear since 2005.
Grace Porter, MA
Grace Porter is a psychotherapist in private practice specializing in treating stress and helping care givers live in a way that honors their true authentic selves. She teaches The Seven Tools of Healing to her clients and has been teaching Taming the Bear since 2015. She is also Dr. Hall's daughter so she has been hearing about and talking about these ideas just about her whole life! 
Here's What We Know:
  •  Taming the Bear requires commitment from you--your time, your money and your energy. 
  • We want you to be sure. (That's why we offer our 30 day money back guarantee!)
  •  Remember, to get the most out of Taming the Bear, YOU have to show up and do the work.It's not enough to just buy the class, you have to actively participate. We offer so many ways to engage with the material so you can find the way that works best for you. 
But Still, How Do You Know If Our Class Is The One For You?
You Might Be The Right Person If 
You Are Tired Of Feeling:
  •   Overwhelmed Emotionally
  •   Overwhelmed by the demands of daily life
  •   Trapped by impossible situations and you don't know how make positive changes
  •   Hopeless that anything will ever help you
  •   Worried about money and wondering is this class worth the money
  •   Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired
  •   Worried that stress is affecting your health
  •   So stressed you aren't enjoying your life
We Have Been Teaching These Concepts for Years. 
We Know They Work.
After successfully completing Taming 
the Bear you will be able to:
  •  Understand how stress works in your body and your life
  •  Realize what triggers your stress response and how to stop it before the damage is done
  •  Learn the Seven Tools of Healing and how to apply them
  •  Embrace proven stress prevention techniques to reduce your risk of stress-related illnesses
  •  Uncover and transform your perceptions and deeply held beliefs that keep you stuck
  •  Know how to apply these skills in your everyday life to affect lasting change
  •  Transform the frustrations of everyday life with the wisdom of the Seven Tools
  Stress Doesn't Have to Make You Sick.
  Learn a System that Really Works.
  Live A Life That Is Pleasing To Your Soul. 
What Our Core Participants Say:
"...I can be present to what is happening inside of me!"
I am now able to recognize my body signals that alert me to my feelings and take care of myself before I respond out of fear. I can be present to criticism, anger, feelings of stress coming from others directed at me, and have compassion for present to what is happening inside of me. 

Steve, I want to be clear in saying I have received from this class a set of tools that has clarified and awakened me! I am grateful to have had the space and time to explore myself, be inspired, and rejuvenated
"...I Feel Calmer, More Centered!"
Grace helped me stop fighting my own thoughts and feelings and practice actively accepting them and forgiving myself. I hadn’t realized how much I was resisting and rejecting my own internal voice. 

When I remember to practice the tools, I feel calmer and more centered. Even when I fall back into old thought patterns, I feel less distress, understanding that there are steps I can actively take to feel better.   
"...I have been able to apply this technique on my own!"
Before taking Taming the Bear I felt that my adversarial relationship with stress was causing me to avoid opportunities for deeper personal relationships and full enjoyment of my career. I have tried several paths to change this, including counseling and meditation. The integration of the 7 Tools into these practices gives both a powerful structure and process to handling my stress. 

I have been able to apply this technique on my own and continue to develop new insights, which allow me to let go of painful things from my past.
- A health care professional
Your Instructors:

Steven M. Hall MD
Physician and Creator of 
The Seven Tools of Healing
Grace Porter, MA, LCPC
Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of 
The Seven Tools of Healing

12 Weeks to Change Your life.  

In this weekly online course we give you the support and information you need to make radical change in the way you handle life's stressors. Do the work and your life will change!
You will receive:
  •  Weekly Core Lesson Video:  30-45 minute video discusses the concepts and prepares you for the internal work of the week.
  •  Weekly Experiential Video: 5-15 minute video with exercises to help you ground and fully understand each week's lesson. 
  •  1-Hour Live Coaching Call with the Instructors:  Core participants ask questions and work through their own life situations or problems with the instructors' help on a live call. Regular participants can listen to the replay but not participate on the call.
  •  Weekly handouts and homework assignments:  Handouts provide further information and the homework is yet another way to assimilate and practice what you are learning. 
  •  Access to Private Facebook Group: Ask questions, interact with other students, share stories, learn from each other. Instructors regularly monitor and respond to the group during the 12 week period of the class.
  •  Lifetime access to all course materials.
You may wonder why this class is for 12 weeks. Why not give you all the information at once? 

It takes time to integrate ideas and make them your own. A weekly class provides continuing opportunity for practice and deepening your understanding of fundamental concepts. The concepts taught in the class may sound easy, but experience teaches us that it takes continued practice and support to learn how to apply The 7 Tools skillfully and effortlessly in your everyday life. That’s what this class helps you do. If, for some reason, you have to miss a class, all the information will be waiting for you when you come back. 
Class begins September 14th, 2019!
 and live calls are on Thursdays 9am PST beginning September 19th.
The pre-recorded material will be released on Saturday morning so that you have the weekend and most of the work week to watch the two videos and do the homework before the live calls on Thursday. Call recordings will be released for regular participants on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. 
Core Participant
  • 12 Weeks of Core Lesson Videos
  • Weekly Experiential Video: 5-15 minute video with exercises to help you ground and fully embody each week's lesson
  • Weekly handouts and homework assignments
  •  Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Receive Personal Help: Weekly live coaching calls help core participants get the most out of class. Replays allow you to revisit the calls for further learning.
  • Lifetime access to the coarse materials
  • ONLY 8 Spots Available
Regular Participant
  • 12 Weeks of Core Lesson Videos
  • Weekly Experiential Video: 5-15 minute video with exercises to help you ground and fully embody each week's lesson
  • Weekly handouts and homework assignments
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Replay Access ONLY to Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to the coarse materials
  • UNLIMITED spots available
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